Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Exaggeration Of The Powerful

I am shocked. Well, not really. According to Gallup, many Americans are believing that perhaps all the hysteria and gloom/doom surrounding global warming might be a tad over the top. It seems the percentage of people who are thinking this way is growing. Perhaps it is because the weather is getting cooler in many parts of the country. Record lows have a way of doing that.

According to a study just release, the number of independents who are skeptical is growing. You can read the statistics in this article here.

I find it ironic that this subject falls along party lines. To me, this shows that it became a political process. There is no science left in this debate. How come the percentage among the Republicans and Independents rose while the percentage for the Democrats remained the same? Obviously, the politics are influencing the beliefs of these people.

It is a crime that there are billions of dollars being spent on something that is nothing more than a massive marketing ploy. There might be some validity to some of the science. Yet, anything that is real was warped beyond recognition. Al Gore and his cronies are turning into the biggest liars in history. It might be time to take all those awards away from him.

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