Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Recession Ended

Did you notice the headline yesterday that the recession officially ended in June of 2009. That means we are roughly 16 months into the post-recession period. Are you kidding me? This just shows there are people paid to do nothing worthwhile. Economists seem to be a waste of human life. Who cares what the theory states, the fact is this economy is crushing people.

We have a pantywaste government that is spending money that it doesnt have. There is a President and Congress that ought to be tried for treason for the debt they are incurring and placing it upon the future generations. Now we know the radicals in charge are worthless slime so we are going to place the Republicans back in charge. Of course, we know they are no better. Once they get their hands on power, they are just as corrupt. Remember, the Republican Congress and Bush administration spent money like drunken sailors also.

We have almost 20% of the population underemployed. What that means for all you morons who believe the U-1 number, underemployed are those people who took part or reduced hours work so as to make some type of income. These people arent technically 'unemployed' but they are not employed to the degree they would like (or need). This means that there are a crapload of people hurting. And we have a political environment made up of idiots. The President proclaimed we are going to 'spend our way out of this recession'. What an idiot. What fundamental financial theorem is that following? Maybe that is what all the underemployed people should do. Try that and email me to let me know how it works out. The bank will take your house if it already has not.

We need to remember that government is typically at the core of many of these problems. It is not a problem solving mechanism but a problem creating one. Dependence is what it breeds and that is fatal. Look at all the people who are on the government dole in one form or another. There are somewhere near 40 million people receiving food stamps. This means that all these people are incapable of providing for themselves one of the most basic necessities in life. Of course, perhaps we should check in and see if they have cable television. If they can afford $100+ for t.v., maybe they ought to put that towards their food bill. But, the government pays money without regard.

America is a becoming a bunch of meatheads. Just look at the mentality of the average person. Barack Obama is one who tapped into the mindlessness of the masses. He looked good, was a smooth talker, and conned almost 60% of the people. Most are surprised to learn he has some radical views. Wake up you morons. What about his life and those he interacted with would ever lead you to conclude that he was a moderate? Turn off America Idol and think.

So now the headline is that the recession is over. And that is suppose to make people feel good. I presume those who still have a job yet walk around with their heads up there ass will now conclude that everything is wonderful. We will probably see this when the union contracts are up and it is time to renegotiate. The union bosses will state how the recession is over so their contracts should be increased 10% annually because that is what people deserve.

The bottom line is that you cannot believe anything that comes out of the government or any of its crony organizations. For example, the inflation figure released conveniently excludes food and energy prices. That makes sense since food and energy are the two things people cannot do without. Do I really give a crap if the prices on big screen televisions dropped 15%? Does most of the country? Not really. I am much more concerned about the fact that a gallon of milk jumped $.50.

Who cares if the recession ended? The truth is things suck and they are not going to get better anytime soon. We have a political body that is clueless about anything than other ensuring their own power. The radical transformation is only moving us more towards a nanny state. In the end, someone has to pick up the tab. These morons refused to learn that the recent credit crisis was driven by government and is the result of 30 years of poor financial choices. Nevertheless, instead of changing behavior that will better the situation, the leaders follow the same pattern. The recession might be over but another one is on its way.

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