Thursday, September 23, 2010

Government Intelligence

This is a question for all you out there who invested in stocks at some time in your life. Please think about this question a bit before you answer it because it requires a great deal of thought. I am going to present a scenario that is going to really put you on the fence in terms of a financial decision. Nevertheless, I want you to draw a conclusion.

Here is the scenario: Blockbuster today announced that it is entering into bankruptcy. The company, at least temporarily, will continue operations while they reorganize their debt. It is anyone's guess if the company will emerge and what it will look like. Nevertheless, my question is would you buy this stock today? Before you answer, let me add to the mix and ask if you would pay $30+ more per share than the highest price Blockbuster ever traded at?

If you have even 1/10 of a brain, the answer is 'no'. What moron would invest in a situation like this? I will give you the answer: you did! You are a proud owner of a percentage of General Motors thanks to the tremendous decision making process of our corrupt government leaders. A recent report emerged stating that the government will need to sell GM stock for $134 per share to just break even on the money it gave them. This is over $30 more per share than the highest stock price GM ever had.

Can you see why government is the enemy. Everyday it steals from people like you to fund these asinine projects. In this instance, Barack Obama, the genius with no business background whatsoever, made the decision to pander to the unions. These corrupt goons had a large part in bankrupting the company in the first place. And, our President rewards them by taking your money and forking it over to them. This is treasonous and this bastard out to be brought up on charges (along with almost every other member of Congress). The people belong in jail.

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