Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Dead Rise Again

The environmentalists proved over and over that they care more about their agenda than they do about human beings. No matter what the cause, whether it is a bird, salmon, or tree, the needs of people are second fiddle to the environmentalists. Of course, with the advent of the still unproven 'manmade' global warming, these people now have a new religion. These people are as bad as any fundamentalist Christian.

We continually hear the mantra of how man is destroying this world. This is something that was drilled into us for the past 30 years. Yet, we are now finding out that these people are nothing more than misguided folk who drank the 'kool aid' completely. Listen up Owl Gore, here is another fact that gets in the way of your inconvenient truth.

It now appears that research revealed that 1/3 of all species that go extinct come bad to life. Oh shit. Now these zombies are going to ruin a perfectly good lie by proving the radical environmentalist wrong. This is not going to sit well with all those Hollywood Sierra Club bimbos. Of course, I have no doubt these people will just continue to lie just like Gore never let the truth get int he way of his profits.

The fact is that these people spread dogma of another kind. These individuals do not think for themselves, thus are very dangerous. Our global warming mentality is a prime example. Do they ever take the time to consider that the Earth might have a self correcting mechanism that prevents it s destruction. Certainly, the Aussies are now proving that a couple hundred species thought extinct since the 1500s are still roaming the planet. I guess they didnt see Owl Gore's movie. Because of that, I will not accuse these species of senseless dogma.

Remember this article the next time some environmental zealot is spouting off about how we are wrecking this planet and all the damage we do. Simply mention to that picklebrain the facts that you read here and ask him/her about these 187 species who wont die. Seems that nature is a bit more resilient then we thought.

Damn I hate when it does that.

For those interested, here is the article.

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