Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Nations of Wussies

The United States has become a nation of wimps. And this is a trend that is only getting worse. The stupidity of this country is growing at a rapid pace. While most of the country is taking notice of American Idol and Lindsey Lohan, they are missing the important fact that there are fascists in Washington who are raping the American public. These people believe government is the answer to everything. This is no different from many other empires throughout history.

Nature dictates survival of the fittest. Unfortunately, politicians, in their effort to win votes, promise all kinds of handouts to the illiterate. Of course, most of them are too stupid to understand that this comes with a price. The truth is that people are electing to live as slaves. Every freedom that is granted to one is rapidly being eradicated and people have no clue. Talk about selling your soul to the devil.

The truth is that people choose their path in life. If you want to better yourself, there never was a time that it is easier than now. Consider all the information that is free to anyone with an Internet connection. Yet most failed to learn in school so to expect them to continue their education after the fact is unrealistic. That is why many of them are destined for a life of failure and misery.

Our political class likes to call them "less fortunate". We are suppose to feel sorry for these people because they are "unlucky" in their birth. Well, my answer is bullshit. Poverty of any idea starts in the mind and that is where these people live and die. They have no motivation to move forward and make no effort to improve themselves. Thus, the politicians bribe these individuals with all kinds of handouts.

That is why I started posting on this blog again. The real injustice is the thievery committed by a political class that is corrupt. I, for one, hopes that all the bastards and bitches are voted out of office this November. Make them all private citizens and indict them all. They are corrupt and deserve to be jailed (or hung). Treason is an appropriate charge.

It is time for the people to stand up and be adults. Get off you ass and do something with your life. If you want to live as a slave, do not be surprised if people whip you like one. That is how the natural order of things is.

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