Saturday, September 4, 2010


"What luck for rulers that men do not think" -Adolf Hitler

This is a statement that sums up the masses of all time. We see that now in this country. The argument from the left is for more government while the right holds their Christ dear. What each side doesnt realize is that dogma, regardless of the entity delivering it, is meant to control. While the right feels the growth of government is infringing upon their freedoms, they fail to realize that the religious dogma already imprisoned them.

Dogma is for the weak. It is a methodology that is used to control the masses. People feel they need to be taken care of. For centuries, they turned to the Church. That was the organization that made people feel good. It gave them strength to persevere in times of weakness. Now, we are seeing that people in the U.S. are becoming dependent upon the government. Recent reports have over 35 million people receiving food stamps. Here individuals are relying on the government to provide the most basic need.

Of course, the situation keeps getting worse. Throughout history we saw how cultures imploded. Never was a great empire (read World Leader) conquered from the outside. Instead, they were overtaken by the ills from within. In our time, we see how the oligarchy at the top is ruining it for everyone else. The mindless sheep follow without questioning.

I recently had a discussion with a friend over church and religious dogma. She is a true follower...mindless to the nth degree. Everything they told her she swallowed hook, line, and sinker. She is doing all she can to reach the eternal life for herself. All the time she is missing the present. It is really pathetic to watch.

Slavery is something that most will say they abhor. But, in reality, they actually love it since almost all people are living according to a particular dogma presented. Life is not about "survival of the fittest". Instead, it is about being a wussy and turning to something outside of oneself for help. Grow up. History shows that greatness is something that one finds within oneself. Personal development and responsibility are the anti-thesis of dogma.

We are a weaker nation because of broken belief system. The qualities that made this country great are now passe. Unless the masses wake up, we are creating the same environment that allowed Hitler to rise to power. Fascism, regardless of who is in charge, is nothing more than the masses living as slaves. I fear we are rapidly heading down the same path.

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