Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Burn Them All

Why was everyone upset that the minister in Gainesville, FL wanted to burn 200 copies of the Koran. I thought it a wonderful idea. Of course, I think he should be fair and offered to burn 200 copies of the Bible. If the burning of the flag is deemed a legitimate form of protest against a the government, then burning both books is equally a good way to protest religion. Anyone who is willing to do this is one that I can stand behind.

Religion is the single greatest force of indoctrination in the history of the world. Man's history is littered with episodes where millions of death resulted as arguments over dogmatic beliefs. The Crusades are a prime example of what can happen when this gets out of hand. We see this same truth forming today with the 9/11 events. Muslims are pissed off at the tyrannical reign of the 'infidels'. Of course, the Middle East is riddled with conflict between these same Muslims and the Jews. The Jews are pissed that a Mosque exists where they want a Temple. At the same time, the Muslims hate the fact that the Jews even exist. Each side concludes its stance based upon the dogma professed.

What gets these people so rabid? Quite simply it is the religion. Each week sermons are preached about the evils that exist. Anyone who doesnt believe the same is considered evil. While the major religions of the world preach tolerance and love (turn the other cheek), their actions show a different mindset. Religions promotes intolerance and hatred. God is a convenient figure to kill for. The Bible, Koran, and Torah, all written by men, are the sacred texts which substantiate this behavior. All claim to be the divine works of God. What garbage.

Protesting religion is the first step to freedom. Few are willing to admit that God did not create man in his image but the other way around. Man, because of his need to control, created a deity that determines one fate in the afterlife. This offers hope to those who 'lose' at the game of life. All the unfairness that one suffers in the world is rewarded in 'Heaven'. At the same time, those who were rewarded through unethical actions will receive the same just due by visiting the state of eternal damnation. Fiction at its best.

Religion is nothing more than mythology. The Greeks and Romans developed systems of spiritual beings in the skies to satisfy their curiosity. Of course, they had the excuse of lacking scientific knowledge. Their 'Gods' served to answer questions about nature that were beyond their comprehension. Today, we know more about the world and universe we live in. We know that rain doesnt come from the 'rain god' but rather is the result of a series of events which produce rain. The sun is not controlled by the 'sun god' as much as the result of an orbital path of the Earth. Therefore, there is no need for these gods nor the mythology they were created upon.

The same is true for religion. We need to accept that it is nothing more than mythological beliefs to explain something that is unknown to us. People need to have hope for an afterlife because people do not want to believe that when they are dead, that is it. At the same time, the thought of never seeing their grandmother's face again is unbearable. So, they hold the polyanna belief that 'we will meet in 'Heaven'. Of course, the individual presumes that grandma is already there. What is she was a hooker in her earlier years' maybe she is spending eternity serving at the feet of Satan himself.

My point is that unquestioned dogma leads people to kill. If people truly wanted peace, they would start by taking copies of the Bible, Koran, and Torah and burning them. This would tell the major religions of the world that we are not into mindless dogma that is used to justify the slaughter of millions of people. Naturally, most cannot do this. Is it any wonder that the followers of this institutions are called sheep, lambs, and flock? Sadly, the world needs some more wolves.

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