Saturday, September 18, 2010

Accounting Tricks

I recently read an article in the NY Times (relax, it was linked to me via another site) that spelled out some of the tricks that states are now using to balance their budgets. This is a maneuver that relates to the pension plans. What these states are doing is cutting the future benefits to new employees. While this is a wonderful concept which will net savings in the long run, we are seeing the political hacks manipulate this for present gain. A slight of hand accounting trick is enabling these corrupt public servants to take the future savings in the present budget years, in turn, balancing the budgets.

Once again we see the political class rear their corrupt heads. The problem with his deal is the simple fact that most of these pension funds are underfunded as we speak. In layman's terms, the simply do not have enough money. Of course, the states are in a quandary since cutting any present pension payments results in union lawsuits. Therefore, they need to suck savings wherever else they can. Yet this maneuver allows them to bypass the step of having to cut the present budget. Once again, votes are more important.

We need to step in and straighten out all politicians. The 'kicking the can down the road' should no longer be tolerated. Anyone who sits back and watches this occur is a felon. These people are screwing the present and future generations. This hack in the White House is so bad he belongs tied to a pole and facing a firing squad. Madoff is a said compared to these people. The same holds true for the members of both houses of Congress. There is a body where 535 of individuals should be tried for treason. (For those of you who dont understand that number, that encompasses members of both parties)

The politicians will use any trick to fool the public. Only in government can people argue of the size of the deficit and feel that less bad is good. At the same time, these people are immune from any negative consequences. We need to change that. If jailtime is not in the books for these corrupt people, then we need to look at alternative measures. The revolution is quickly approaching.

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