Friday, September 10, 2010

The Burning of the Koran

Have you seen this fruitloop in Gainesville, Florida? Here we have a preacher who wants to burn the Koran (or however the hell you spell it) who wants protest the activities of another religion. Of course, this has all the loons from overseas all upset. The religious factions are drawing the lines in the sand.

My question is why does anyone care what these idiots think? Here is a moronic preacher from a church with an equally moronic clergy looking for attention. These fruitloops are all acting in the name of God.

As I often state, dogma is dogma regardless of the institution that it comes from. What kind of person allows him or herself to be brainwashed by an individual such as this? It must really take a feeble mind to believe this is what God wants. Obviously, there is a church full of these people.

We see a grand controversy brew over the erecting of a Mosque in New York near Ground Zero. All the "patriots" are up in arms that the Muslims are erecting a monument celebrating their conquest. Well, so what. Let them build their building. If you are so Biblical, heed the eye for an eye. Blow the sucker up the day it is completed.

In the end, we are seeing a huge religious war developing. We are now living in a modern day Crusades. Throughout history, no entity caused so much bloodshed as the topic of God. More blood was shed in his name than anything else. Religion serves as a wonderful platform to hide hate and bigotry. This nutcase in Gainesville is no different the Reverend Wrights of the world. They all preach the same hated masked under the guise of religion.

My opinion is to be open about things. If you hate, hate, Do it openly and freely. Shed the dogma that espouses lies. We do not love everyone we meet. Hatred is part of the human condition. Man loves to hate. It is that simple. Allow the free flow of hate and let the fittest survive. This is the true state of affairs. In the real world, the meek get eaten alive.

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