Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Disease In Washington

We live in a country where are leaders are now the enemy of the American people. This is a statement of fact. Numerous polls are showing that many of the policies signed into law by our Fascist in Charge are not popular. Obamacare is such a dud that candidates who voted for it are not mentioning it on the campaign trail. Of course, Nancy Pelosi, the spacecase from San Francisco still says that it is great for America.

Here is the truth: all these people are liars. When are Americans going to realize this and stand up to these idiots? Sadly, I am not sure the day will come anytime soon. Another fact: the American people are just plain idiots. If stupidity was a capital offense, most of the populous would be dead on the street. The average American Idol moron knows nothing about anything. These people should not be allowed to vote. In fact, lets get a little Islamic and cane then 100 times for wasting oxygen.

Does this sound to harsh to you? Well good because it is reality. If you underestimate the ignorance of America you are going to get your ass handed to you. Look at what happened the last election when we got this pussy for America Hating Son of A Bitch in office. People feel for the hope and change thing. Yeah, a nice slogan really qualifies someone to be President. Dumbasses.

Of course, John McCain is not worthy of any praise either. The worst part of this election cycle is that his stupid ass is going to return to the Senate (evidently his only real challenge was in the primary since the Democratic candidate is a cupcake). Now we have to listen to his ass for another 6 years. John, thank you for what you endured in Southeast Asia. Now go home. Go live your remaining years in exile not fucking things up more.

All these people are diseases. They need to be stopped either by ballot or by bullet. I really feel this country is coming to a breaking point. Anyone with an ounce more sense than Sean Hannity (who is up the Republicans ass) knows that neither party is worth a cramp. Even worse, the majority of people in each party are outright corrupt. They care about nothing but themselves. For this reason, I am hoping for an Islamic attack on the Capital when Congress is in session. Wipe all the bastards out at one time. Now that is a nirvana thought.

They are the disease. What is the cure? My belief is the only way to take care of this is to starve the bastards. When will America realize that your tax money is getting a shitty return on investment? I imagine a full fledged tax revolt might be around the corner. Picture the struggle they would have if 5 million people refused to pay their taxes? Are they going to throw that many in jail? Perhaps but there will be a line forming after all those poor 27 who refuse to purchase health insurance.

It is time for America to wake up. Look around you. If your neighbor is a dumbass, perhaps it is time to do something about it. That person votes. Take your dog over and let him shit on his/her lawn. Take that crap and wipe it on your neighbor's door. Do your part to start anarchy because that is what this country sorely needs. The solutions to our problems is to eliminate the weak. Those who want to continually take need to be ridiculed and beaten. Let them know they are slugs not worthy of any pity. Remember, they are living on your dime.

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