Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Recycling Myth

I think we should have a national "punch a treehugger in the face repeatedly day". This is an idea that will serve humanity well. If there is one group of people that is more deserving of an ass-kicking for lying and misinformation, it is these people. They are cultists in the highest proportion. I would rank them up there with Satanists but I do not want to be disrespectful to them (the Satanists not the environmentalists).

Hypocrisy reigns supreme with these people. I remember dating one of them for a while. This broad was always mentioning how environmentally friendly she tried to live. Of course, guess what she drove? A Ford Explorer...a vehicle that got about 15 miles to the gallon (at the time I was driving a Focus that got close to 30 so who was more environmentally friendly?). Naturally, this was something that was overlooked by her and her lefty buddies. The hypocrites.

The truth is there is nothing to prove any of the claims that these people make. In fact, logic often leads us to the exact opposite conclusion. Take the recent oil spill in the gulf as an example. This was the 'worst environmental disaster in history' according to the headlines. Of course, after only a couple of months they had a tough time locating the oil. It seems the planet has a way of protecting itself without our help. Oh shit Al Gore...say it aint so. Yep, hypocrisy at its best.

Which brings me to the point of today's rant. Recycling is how we are suppose to save the planet. Of course, the envirocooks have convinced everyone that the planet needs saving from us.

On a side note, I would like to ask you how long this planet is in existence? 3-4 billion years. How long is man around? 200,000 years. What makes us think we have the ability to destroy it short of blowing it to pieces? Arrogance.

Back the recycling. We have to recycle everything to be environmentally conscious. People are now worried about the 'carbon footprint' they emit. All those plastic bottles are now separated and picked up on 'recycling day'. They are taken to a processing plant and recycled back. And, because of this we are saving our planet.

Or are we? As I sit and write this, I have a recycling bin outside my house. It is a plastic bin that I put all my bottles in. Of course, someone had to manufacture the bin from the fossil fuel oil (that is what plastics are made from). In addition, fuel was used to get it to my house so that I can use it. Therefore, there is a carbon footprint before I even start to recycle. This puts us in an environmental hole.

As we move along, let us see if we can catch up. When I fill up my bin, I pull it to the curb on 'recycling day'. This is a day of pickup that is separate from the trash giving us double coverage (sounds like another negative environmentally). Thus, fuel is expended to pick up my recycling and haul it to the processing plant. I wonder what the carbon footprint is when running garbage trucks twice as often as otherwise needed.

One final piece of the puzzle that we need to look at is the fact that the recycling plants all run on fossil fuels. Isnt it interesting that the 'greenies' all hate fossil fuels yet use them without regard. So, in our quest to save the planet by recycling these bottles, we process them in a plant that is run on oil. I can only presume this is another negative in our environmental footprint.

Therefore, recycling seems to be a myth. The counter argument is that recycling has a smaller footprint since the 'newer' bottles used less natural resources. To me, I dont see the 'savings'. It seems like there is a lot of waste going on.

Here is my solution:

Throw all the bottles in the trash and eliminate the extra pickup day thus reducing the running of the garbage trucks by 50%. Also, eliminated is the run to the recycling plant which will also save on gas and improve our carbon footprint. At the same time, we can close that extra plant which will save oil being used by them. This will net out evenly since we will presume the original bottle manufacturer is using extra energy (although proportionately speaking it is probably less). In the end, we will save a crap load of oil.

Certainly makes you wonder what the greenies are smoking.

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