Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Foreclosure Conspiracy

Are we a nation of laws or are we not? That is what is at stake. It seems that laws are to be obeyed only if it applies to the 'regular folk'. The latest foreclosure debacle is a prime example of how the system needs to be turned on its end. Everything is in favor of those with money and contacts. It is a corrupt system at all levels.

Many of the banks have delayed the foreclosures in 23 states due to Robo signings of foreclosure documents. The law dictates that these documents need to be reviewed to ensure the bank has the authority to foreclose. Seems this step was overlooked.

Here again we have the coupling of big business and government to screw the American people. There are reports that judges arent allowed those foreclosed upon their due process of asking for proof of ownership before proceeding forward. Of course, this goes against everything our country stands for.

Now, in a late session move, the Senate passed a bill that makes it easier for banks to continue that trampling of people's rights. Fortunately, the word is Obama is going to veto the bill. I applaud him for this effort. Nevertheless, this is just another example of how corrupt the system is and how it needs immediate radical reform. But dont expect it with the idiots who will be elected in November. They are just leopards with different spots.

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