Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Government Mess

People who are advocates of what is transpiring now are going to be really disappointed. When they realize how misled they really were, all hell is going to break loose. Obama (and others) stand up each day professing the virtues of government intervention. Sadly, this is a path to failure. Everywhere we look, government fails. Yet some still hold the notion that it is going to change.

Is there anyone with any common sense who believe the rhetoric we are served? Many of the programs instilled during the last great "economic crisis (the Great Depression) are now coming back to haunt us. Take Social Security as an example. It is completely broke. The CBO is now estimating that there is only a $3 billion surplus left in that program. This is a radical difference from the $80+ billion estimated a year ago. (Read article here)

Once again the political establishment screwed things up. For decades, the greedy politicians raided this program to fund their out of control spending. They took the dollars set aside for our elderly and use it for their own selfish ends. Now, we are at the point that this Ponzi scheme is blowing up. There is no more money to fund it.

The article makes a valid point about the changing in times since FDR created this program. With only a 3 to 1 worker to retiree ratio, there is not enough money coming in. It is that simple. Bernie Madoff understood this the last few years. Guaranteed returns become impossible to meet after enough time when you consistently have to raise money. This is what Social Security is now facing.

Our government is worthless. The people in it are not only inept, but mostly corrupt. Each of them deserves a cell next to good Ole Bernie. He screwed many out of their futures and the U.S. Government is doing the same thing. Everyone over the age of 50 is going to quickly realize they were lied to by all those talking heads in Washington. Right now, President Obama is the head liar in charge. Remember this article the next time you see him promising how government is going to fix the problem.

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